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Engineers Save More Lives Than Doctors

Recently in Japan, there was an earthquake and a tsunami. Luckily for the people of Japan, buildings have to follow strict regulations. Inside the tall, tall towers of modern Japan hide extra steel bracing, giant rubber pads, and hydraulic shock … Continue reading

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New Zealand Earthquake Has Californians Questioning

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE OF EARTHQUAKE IN CHRISTCHURCH Because of the tremendous impact that the New Zealand earthquakes had on the country and the news media, citizens of California are now re-evaluating the way they’ve been building their buildings. In New … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Corps Levee breach

In August of 2005, what Maryland Weather calls the third deadliest United States hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, struck the south. Tearing its way through the gulf of Mexico it gained the strength of a category 5 storm, although it made landfall … Continue reading

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Building to save lives

Areas of the world that are prone to earthquakes like California, Chile and other places that lie on active faults need to be more educated about building structures and safer spots to build homes. In Haiti, about 250,000 deaths occurred … Continue reading

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