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Radioactivity and Food

The crisis in Japan started on March 11, 2011, after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. Soon after the earthquake, a Tsunami hit Japan. Japan has now been suffering from many difficulties. The new issue the Japanese face is shortages and food safety. The Japanese are … Continue reading

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The Irish Potato Famine

The Great Potato Famine was the result of crop failures in Ireland’s most stable crop caused by airborne fungus. This event shows how natural disasters don’t only effect the present lives of peoples, but also the history. Because of the … Continue reading

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Aiding Landslide Victims through Google Maps

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has recently and historically experienced multiple landslides caused by extreme precipitation. With these disasters (such as one in April 2010), victims are often left homeless and possibly in the way of danger once … Continue reading

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An Era of Climate and Food Insecurity

In 2010, temperature records were set in upwards of 19 nations. Pakistan recorded 53.5C which is the hottest temperature ever reliably measured in Asia’s history. Global climate change is a serious issue and can not be ignored any longer. It … Continue reading

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Heat Waves and Food Delays

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2010 tied the record holder, 2005, for hottest year to date. Throughout the year 19 nations set record temperature highs. They also reported that 2010 was the wettest year on record. … Continue reading

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