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The Psychology of Disaster

In relating this blog to my major (psychology) I learned that there is something called disaster psychiatry. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the symptoms that come with it can be a result of many things besides war. Some common psychiatric … Continue reading

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Food and Water in Possible Ruins

Not only is the country of Japan in ruins, but their food and water could be as well. Japanese are taking many precautions on food and water to make sure it is safe for the survivors of the Tsunami, as … Continue reading

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Aiding Landslide Victims through Google Maps

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has recently and historically experienced multiple landslides caused by extreme precipitation. With these disasters (such as one in April 2010), victims are often left homeless and possibly in the way of danger once … Continue reading

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Infectious Disease to Follow Brazil Landslides?

After a series of disastrous landslides has hit Brazil, the death toll is continuing to rise and many are being forced to evacuate from their homes.¬†As of Sunday there have been 806 casualties related to the landslide and flooding, making … Continue reading

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